Help our customers to successfully deliver materials with multimodal

transportation to rural and remote areas throughout Indonesia.

Air Freight

To deliver material to rural and remote area, we use air modal transportation for faster delivery, whether jet aircraft and turbo propeller aircraft, depend on request the customer and due to access condition

River Freight

To reach drop point at rural area, we frequently use river modal transportation ,such as juingkung boat, klotok boat

Land Transport

We use various road transportation to deliver, from Mini van untill container 20", 40", Dump truck, also motor bike and 4WD due to topography and local terrain condition

Sea Freight

Frequently we use sea modal transportation to deliver material, including use speed boat, fishing boat to reach rural area


We are in progress and preparing to obtain warehousing project, we equipped with WMS to support this

Map data ©2022
Map data ©2022